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Marine Lighting

Lighting systems for above and below the waterline

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Outdoor Lighting

From pergolas to sofit lighting, we have systems that fit all of your outdoor lighting needs

Welcome to Shadow-Caster® Lighting

Here at Shadow-Caster, we specialize in the design and manufacture of a complete range of innovative LED lighting products and accessories. From marine lighting to patio systems, we offer a wide array of products to fit all of your lighting needs. We specialize in lights that are exceptionally bright, robust, and efficient for both marine and terrestrial applications.

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Marine Lighting

Shadow Caster Marine LED Lighting

Shadow-Caster® has a full range of INTENSE lighting products available to meet your unique needs. We have you covered with a full line of sizes and features designed to match boats of all sizes, from small skiffs to large yachts.

Terrestrial Lighting

Shadow-Caster’s outdoor/indoor lighting LED strip has the capability of running up to 150 ft continuously on a single power source. This technology allows for lighting solutions for all of your lighting needs.