• SCM-10 Side View
  • SCM-10 Front View

The SCM-10

Underwater LED Light
With ten high-intensity LEDs, the SCM-10 underwater light is our most popular model. The SCM-10 is the perfect addition to every vessel and dock. Available in any of our five colors, the SCM-10 works with our Wireless Controller and Power Distribution Box for ease of use and installation.
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SCM-10 General Features:
  • High Intensity
    Shadow-Caster underwater LED lights are designed to deliver the most intense optical output. Our unique design allows us to produce maximum light output and maximum LED life (over 40,000 hours).
  • Robust Design
    With Shadow-Caster underwater LED lights, there’s no additional external components to install. Just connect the cable (submersible to 20 feet). All the necessary electronics are integrated into the housing and resistant to vibration and the elements.
  • Surface Mounted
    Our lighting solutions feature a low profile design that requires noalteration to the main hull
  • Wide Input Voltage Range
    Shadow-Caster’s underwated LED lights have an input range of 10 to 30 volts and work equally well on sets of 12 or 24 volts.
  • Surge and Reverse Polarity Protection
    Our lighting systems have an innovative protection system that automatically disconnects the input entry when excessive voltage or reverse polarity is detected.
  • Thermal Protection
    Our unique thermal protection features a control system that detects internal temperature and adjusts energy production down to avoid damage.

  • Size: 10” Length x 2.375” Width x 0.5” Height (254 x 60 x 13mm)
  • Operating Voltage: 10 – 30 Volts DC with consistent brightness
  • Current Draw: 3.5 Amps @ 12 Volts
  • Internal high efficiency digital switching power supply
  • 42 Watts of high efficiency LED light
  • 40,000-Hour Lamp Life
  • 120 degree light spread angle
  • 316 Stainless Steel Housing with Polycarbonate Lens
  • 20′ (6m) Standard Cable Length
  • 5 Brilliant Colors: Great White, Aqua Green, Bimini Blue, Ultra Blue and Cool Red
  • 1-Year Warranty
  • Made in the USA

Product SKU:

Aqua Green: 855726005002

Great White: 855726005019

Bimini Blue: 855726005026

Ultra Blue: 855726005033

Cool Red: 855726005040


The Shadow-Caster SCM-PD is an accessory recommended when installing
3 or more lights. This box can be used to distribute power and
individually fuse multiple Shadow-Caster Underwater Lights.
SCM-WC Wireless Controller

The Shadow-Caster wireless control accessory provides the ultimate in LED Lighting Control. With over 100 ft of range, you can easily dim Strobe or Fade your underwater LED lights from anywhere on your boat or Dock.
SCM-TT Trim Tab Mount

If you do not have room to mount Shadow Caster Underwater Lights on
your transom, consider mounting them on the trim tab. Shadow Caster has
developed this rugged mounting kit to compliment a variety of trim tabs