Single Zone Lighting Controller

The Shadow-Caster SNLC Single Zone Lighting Controller is the ideal accessory for controlling a single zone of RGB lighting. Easily control and synchronize up to 250 Watts of lighting off a simple switch.

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  • Control a Single Zone of Standard 4 or 5 wire RGB or Shadow-Caster Lights
  • Budget-Friendly Option for Synchronizing and Controlling Interior and Exterior Lights on a Vessel
  • Can Control Up to 250 Watts of Light
  • 12 Pre-Programmed Colors
  • Brightness, Control with Fade and Color-Change Modes Included
  • Small and Compact with IP67-Rated Housing
  • Easily Controlled with On/Off/Momentary Toggle Switch*

        *Toggle Switch Sold Separately

SCM-SNLC SKU: 855726005835