Lighting Accessories


Power Distribution Plus Box
While similar to the SCM-PD, our PD+ Box brings power directly from the local power bus. This gives a user direct control when using their marine lights. The PD+ Box allows for coordinated color control of lighting through Shadow-NET Technology.
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Power Distribution Box
Our Power Distribution Boxes ease the installation of Shadow-Caster lights and create a central command hub for all of the lights on a vessel. Wireless control is available with an upgrade to our PD-Box Combo.
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Trim Tab Mounting Brackets
Shadow-Caster Trim Tab mounting brackets are mounting accessories for our SCM-4 , SCM-6 and SCM-10 size lights. When a boat cannot support the lights on the transom, Trim Tabs will work just as well. SCM-TT mounts are also great for adding additional Shadow-Caster Lights to a vessel.
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4 Zone Lighting Controller
Shadow-Caster’s Zone Controller is a LED lighting controller perfect for marine and terrestrial applications. It is fully waterproof and capable of controlling all RGB and Shadow-NET enabled lights. The Zone Controller allows for individual or simultaneous control of up to four separate lighting zones. Quickly change color and brightness or synchronize your lights to music.
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