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The founders of shadow caster are inspired to deliver high performance, high reliability, and high value LED Lighting products to the marketplace. They are true engineers that believe integrity of design and quality of manufacturing are among the highest priorities for a successful product. There backgrounds have meshed to form a synergy of design elements, combined with a love for boating, creating Shadow-Caster.

Shadow-Caster President Brian Rogers

Brian Rogers – Co-founder/President

Brian is an electrical and optical engineer and founder of Sandhouse Design. Throughout his leadership on development projects with large corporations such as 3M and Dupont, and Government agencies including NASA, Brian has learned the importance of high product integrity. He combines his unique set of skills in engineering and management with a love of boating, environmentalism and technology.

Shadow-Caster Director of Engineering Jeff Pound

Jeff Pound – Co-founder/ Director of Engineering

Jeff is a mechanical engineer with more than 20 years of experience in the mechanical design of high reliability military electronics. Jeff has done this while serving at one of the nation’s largest and most successful defense contractors. He has had critical involvement in the development of satellite communications equipment, high-power airborne radios, naval shipboard antennas & power amplifiers, and mobile ground-based communications equipment. This experience has brought Jeff a thorough understanding of finite element analysis, thermal analysis, solder joint reliability, design for harsh and corrosive environments, design for manufacturing, and the correct application of materials. Jeff brings his passion of “bullet proof” design to the world of marine electronics and lighting and his love of all things outdoors.

Shadow-Caster Director of Sales Neil FritzNeil Fritz – Director of Sales

Neil has 30 years experience in electronics marketing, sales engineering, and distribution. During his career Neil has done direct sales representation for manufactures, including market leaders such as Linear Technology, Siemens, Osram, SGS Thompson and BI Technologies. Neil has distribution experience working for top-tier distributors such as Arrow Electronics, Nu Horizons, Pioneer Electronics and Hall-Mark Electronics. In all cases, Neil has set himself apart as a leader through dedication, a focus on customers, and achieving sales levels that set him apart from his colleagues. Neil’s motto through all of his experience is to work hard and deliver true value to customers through both superior products and superior service. Neil also is an avid boater and enjoys fishing with the Shadow-Caster crew on his Sport Fish.