Shadow-Caster Long Length LED Lighting Strip

While most LED lighting strips can only run 15-20 feet on a single power source, Shadow-Caster’s Long Length LED lighting strip is capable of running up to 150 feet on a single power source without brightness loss. This technology allows for long runs, ideal for outdoor and indoor lighting projects, such as dock lighting, patio lighting, or safety lighting around a house. We offer multiple colors and lengths of our LED strip, sold a-la-carte or in RGB and single color lighting packages. Check out some project photos here.

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High-Quality, Durable LED Strip For All Kinds of Lighting Projects

LED Strip in a metal housing

  1. Multiple Color Options

    We offer single color, and RGB LED light strips.

  2. Durable, Weatherproof Housing

    Our LED strip comes standard with a IP-65 washdown rated jacket.

  3. Multiple Lengths Available

    Our LED strip is available in multiple lengths, ranging from 10.5-160ft.

  4. Wireless Control

    Our LED strip can be controlled with an optional wireless controller. (Controller is standard in our LED Kits).

  5. Various Power Supply and Extrusion Options Availible

    We offer various power supply and extrusions options for all of our LED strip sizes.

  6. Strong Warranty

    We offer a two year warranty on our LED lighting strip.

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