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Shadow-Caster Marine Lighting Accessories

Shadow-Caster offers a complete line of marine lighting accessories, including single and multi-zone lighting controllers, power distribution boxes, and trim tab mounting kits. 


A Brief Overview of Our Accessories:

  1. SCM-ZC Multi-Zone Controller Kit
    The Shadow-Caster Zone Controller allows a user the ability to seamlessly control multiple zones of lighting independently, or synchronize zones together for a clean, uniform look.  Easily switch colors, adjust brightness, or synchronize lights with music. The controller can be used with our remote head unit (SCM-ZC-Kit) or a compatible MFD screen (SCM-MFD-Kit).
  2. The SCM-SNLC Single-Zone Controller

    The Shadow-Caster SNLC Single Zone controller allows a user to control their vessel’s Shadow-Caster lights, as well as standard 4 or 5 wire RGB lights on a single switch. This is a budget-friendly option for controlling and synchronizing a single zone of lights on your vessel.

  3. Power Distribution Products

    Shadow-Caster offers multiple power distribution options for customers with multiple-light systems. Check out our product pages to learn more.

  4. SCM-TT Trim Tab Mounts

    The Trim Tab brackets provide an innovative mounting option for our 10 LED and 6 LED sized lights. When your boat cannot support the lights on the transom, or you need more light, our Trim Tab brackets are a perfect solution.

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