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Shadow-Caster Marine Lighting Accessories

Shadow-Caster offers a complete line of marine lighting accessories, including complete LED systems and controllers for boats, yachts, and docks. From individual accessories to accessory bundles, we offer multiple options and packages to fit all types of needs.

marine lighting accessories shadow-caster led lights

A Brief Overview of Our Accessories:

  1. The SCM-PD Power Distributor

    Our Power Distribution Systems are ideal for assistance in installing and controlling our lights and can support an easy upgrade to our wireless controllers.

  2. SCM-TT Trim Tab Mounts

    The Trim Tab brackets provide an innovative mounting option for our 10 LED and 6 LED sized lights. When your boat cannot support the lights on the transom, or you need more light, our Trim Tab brackets are a perfect solution.

  3. SCM-ZC Zone Controller

    The SCM-ZC allows a user the ability to quickly change the color and brightness of their lights, and allows for the synchronization of lights with music.

  4. The SCM-WC Wireless Controller

    Shadow-Caster’s wireless control accessory provides the ultimate in LED Lighting Control. With over 100 ft of range, you can easily dim Strobe or Fade your underwater LED lights from anywhere on your boat or Dock.

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