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Shadow-Caster LED Lighting Systems – Light Up Your Night

Shadow-Caster’s LED lighting strip is capable of running up to 150 feet on a single power source, perfect for LED lighting systems around your home or business. This technology allows for long runs, ideal for outdoor and indoor lighting projects, such as dock lighting, patio lighting, or safety lighting around a house. We offer free estimates through our network of installation partners on any potential lighting project, large or small. Let us “Light Up Your Night” with this new technology!

Bringing Innovation And New Ideas To The LED Lighting Industry

  1. Multiple Applications

    From pool cages to dock lighting, our LED lighting strip is perfect for all types of lighting projects.

  2. Endless Colors

    Our standard system offers a full RGB spectrum of color. Three shades of white also come standard with every system.

  3. Wireless Control

    Control your system with our user-friendly wireless remote control. The wireless controller comes standard with Shadow-Caster lighting systems.

  4. Multiple Zones

    Systems can be setup to run up to 4 separate zones of lighting

  5. Weatherproof

    Our system is sealed and weatherproof, and each system comes with a 2-year parts warranty.

  6. Sturdy Extrusion

    Our LED strip is housed in an aluminum lighting extrusion that can be painted to match your needs.