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  1. What is the Shadow-Caster LED lighting product?

    Our patent-pending product is a lighting solution for outdoor and indoor applications. While our system originated as a pool cage lighting product, we have installed our system on house soffits, restaurant bars, pergolas, and many other applications. Recognizing the difficulty of running LEDs more than 50 feet on one power source, we have developed a product that can run LED lights up to 150 feet on one power box, and 450 feet total, ideal for outdoor and indoor applications, large and small.

  2. Why should I use Shadow-Caster Lighting?

    Shadow-Caster has a proven track record as an innovative and quality company through our success in the marine lighting industry. Our marine lights are used by some of the top boat manufacturers in the world as their primary source for underwater LED boat lighting.

  3. What does the system offer?

    Our product offers our customers a lighting system for their outdoor and indoor LED lighting needs. The system offers a full LED RGB and white color spectrum controlled by a wireless remote controller. We also offer single color versions.

  4. Does this system plug into the wall?

    Yes, the system plugs into our power system, which plugs right into any 110 outlet in standard homes.

  5. How much light does the system put out?

    Our system puts out 400 lumens of light (white color) per foot and operates at 4 watts/ft.

  6. How long does installation of the product take?

    For an average sized screen enclosure, it takes two installers around ½  to a full day to install. This time can vary depending on the size, location, and scope of the project.

  7. Can the system be installed on both new and existing pool screens?

    Yes, the system can be installed on either.

  8. Can the Shadow-Caster system be fit to areas and structures other than a pool screen?

    Yes, the system’s extrusion piece has many applications. It can be screwed into soffits, railings, etc.

  9. Is the lighting weatherproof?

    Yes, the lighting system is sealed and weatherproof with an IP-65 rated jacket.

  10. How long do the LEDs last?

    We use 100,000 hour rated LED lights

  11. What extrusion options does Shadow-Caster offer?

    We offer aluminum extrusions in white and bronze color. We also offer a white PVC extrusion.