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Shadow-Caster Watercraft Lighting for Above Water Applications

Lights for the cockpit and beyond

Shadow-Caster designs and manufactures a full line of stunning watercraft lighting products that complement virtually any type of vessel. Easily and beautifully light your boat’s perimeter with high-efficiency above water LED lights. If you have any questions about Shadow-Caster above water lights, or want to learn more, visit our Marine FAQ Page.

Watercraft Lighting Courtesy Lights

The Ultimate Products For High Quality Marine Lighting

  1. Full Customization

    As with all Shadow-Caster Lighting products, mix and match our above water systems for a unique look that fits your taste.

  2. High Quality

    Just like our underwater lights, we make sure that our above water lights meet the same high standard for quality and durability that we have built our reputation on.

  3. Made in the USA

    As with all of our products, our above water lights are made in the USA, at our facility in Dunedin, FL

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