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Shadow-Caster® LED lighting was started in 2007 by two long-time friends, Brian Rogers and Jeff Pound. At the time, Jeff went shopping for underwater lights for his boat, only to find that none of the underwater LED lights on the market satisfied him. There were serious problems with the products he found. Some of the problems he saw, beyond poor design, were the use of incorrect materials for the highly corrosive saltwater environment, installation that required a large hole in the boat, and a lack of lighting that was “intense” enough.

Jeff knew, from his years of developing rugged military hardware, that he could design a better underwater light. Jeff solicited the help of a longtime friend, Brian Rogers. Brian, who had spent his years developing high performance optical and electrical systems, gladly accepted the challenge. Brian and Jeff spent over a year and countless hours of research and development to produce the first prototype of the SCM-10. They knew that this prototype was a product that accomplished their goals, and Shadow-Caster® was born. Shadow-Caster® engineers and manufactures all of our products at our facility in Dunedin, Florida USA. We pride ourselves on providing not only high quality lighting products but the highest levels of customer service.

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Shadow-Caster® has continued this initial spirit of innovation and development. With the initial SCM-10 has come a full line of high performance lighting products for marine and terrestrial environments. We have made it our mission to create the best LED products on the market.We have steadily added to our product offerings of underwater and above water marine lighting. Some of our innovations include:

self-contained color changing light

expansion of the size ranges of offered lights

above water accent lighting for boat interiors

wireless controllers that control multiple facets of our lights

courtesy lights to illuminate walkways, entries, and bait wells

installation accessories to provide you with the easiest installation possible.

Let Shadow-Caster Enhance your Nightlife with our Intense Line of LED Lighting Products.


We are proud to have created the first networkable LED Light on the market thru the “Shadow-Net” Control network. With the release of the premier SCY-40 underwater light, we currently have one of the brightest lights available on the market. Co-developed with Wet Sounds, we have released the Zone Controller, which allows control and synchronization of a Shadow-Caster lighting system and Wet Sounds audio system.

Shadow-Caster is also a leading innovator in the terrestrial LED lighting market. With the development of the Shadow-Caster outdoor lighting strip, we have created the ability to run a full color LED lighting strip up to 150 feet on a single power source, a technology unheard of in the industry. We have installed our lighting system on pool cages, docks, and house soffits, as well as a variety of indoor lighting projects. The installation options with our system are virtually endless. Our system offers a unique lighting solution to a traditional LED lighting problem. As with all of our products here at Shadow-Caster, we are dedicated to the constant innovation and improvement of our outdoor lightning technology.